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My Story – Mike Brooman, CEO, Vanti

Mike Brooman, CEO of Vanti talks us through his entrepreneurial journey at the Innovation Birmingham Campus. Vanti believes that everyone should have a great experience with technology. Vanti offer a unique approach to building and implementing integrated technology solutions for

Leigh - Petalite website

Petalite seeks £300,000 for mass production of portable, eco-friendly smartphone battery

Petalite – whose offices are based at the Innovation Birmingham Campus – is seeking £300,000 of equity investment to significantly expand operations and put its smartphone life-extending portable battery into mass production. A highly successful crowdfunding campaign on raised over $59,000

Birmingham by Night - News

Birmingham; a ‘Knowledge City’

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city, with Birmingham City Council being the largest local authority in Europe. One of the reasons why its tech community is growing exponentially is because the city is the perfect test-bed for new technology

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Tech Wednesday

Tech Wednesday is our monthly meet-up for the Technology and Entrepreneur community within Birmingham. Each month we also have ‘Show ‘n Tells': a couple of tech startups/people with side projects from the region will be demoing their stuff to the


Business Games Jam

Are you a creative games designer, programmer or artist up for a challenge? Come to the Business Service Games Jam in Birmingham on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2015. Prizewinning games will be featured at the first International Gamification for


The International Gamification for Business Conference 2015

Gamification offers an exciting opportunity for the business community. It has the potential to transform the education, skills and motivation of workers across all sectors, and significantly impact the competitiveness of firms worldwide. However, much of the business community has

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