Attracting Real Leverage Ltd

ARLL is a B2B sales & marketing company with over a decade of experience. Our business model is helping manufacturers and distributors sell their slow moving stock. We specialize in customer returns & refurbished stock lots of consumer electronics & appliances but also sell brand new stock and other product categories. We are a small organization with a focus on the customer. We are not a group of sales people who just want to make a one-time sale, but professionals that consider selling an art that requires time and commitment. To be always available for our clients and to build a long-term relationship with them – this is our goal. We already handle a portfolio of 25 vendors on behalf of whom we promote & sell millions of worth of stock. Our vendors highly appreciate our services and leave us handling the hassle of sales while they focus on their core business. We became part of their team and they consult us on strategic decisions. ARLL can help the manufacturers and distributors to: – Clear your surplus stock and increase your revenue – Generate sales leads and capture new business opportunities – Access new markets – Build a professional sales policy

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