Blue Graphics

bluegfx is a leading technology company, supplying 3D, video, storage, workstation, render management, stereoscopic, infrastructure, networking and cloud technologies to the digital media industry. We work with clients to deliver technically innovative, future proof products and services, encompassing training, support and cloud technologies. Our approach is consultative and we engage with clients to find a solution to their business needs; which, as well as including hardware and software, often includes service-based technologies. As an Autodesk Gold Partner, we have to maintain an extensive level of technical support and expertise in-house to meet the needs of our clients. The Autodesk Gold Partner accreditation endorses bluegfx, confirming that we consistently demonstrate the ability to deliver complete Autodesk software solutions. As an Autodesk Gold Partner, we have technical expertise in specific industries, solutions, support, training, implementation and consulting services. We are also a Microsoft certified partner, focused on solutions for Cloud, Video, Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

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