Disruptive Lemonade

Disruptive Lemonade facilitates breakthrough innovations and market disruption strategies. We do this by developing innovation capabilities, entrepreneurial mindsets and high performing teams through training programmes, coaching and workshops. Our goal is to enable high growth startups and large organisations to apply the best methods and tools to uncover critical customer and market insights. We then apply rigorous testing methods to validate opportunities that have real disruptive potential. Our systematic, experimental approach uses design thinking and entrepreneurial methods to reframe customer needs and behaviours to form critical insights. We then use customer value mapping tools to evaluate and focus on designing the right value and solutions for customers. We also analyse category growth cycles, changing market dynamics, technology trends, system limits, customer problems, desires and needs. We can conceptualise this using our own tools such as our ‰ÛÏcustomer value canvas‰Û which maps and highlights gaps in customer value.

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