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ICS was founded in 2014 as a cyber security services and consulting firm right here in the United Kingdom. What sets ICS apart from other cyber security firms is its core values; imagination, passion, quality and the personal touch. These values are ebraced by each employee and are an integral part of the ICS culture. They are used in our office and yours. In addition, ICS Labs is focused on producing an Automated Wifi Intrusion Detection System (AWIDS) complete with localisation and tracking, exclusive to ICS. This unique flag ship product will allow clients to employ much more stringent IT security policies than ever before and implement a level of wireless network security much higher than ever before. ICS is currently seeking investors for the initial phase of R&D on its flagship product, AWIDS. This is the ideal time to be a part of a growing cyber security market, with a product that promises to change the game entirely. Feel free to contact us in regard to this exciting opportunity.

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