Cloud9 Telephony Ltd

When did you Establish your business: 27/03/2013

Business Stage: Start up, with over 40 years of knowledge in the ICT arena

Located: Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus

The Product or service: Telecommunication Carrier Provider

What makes Cloud9 unique: Cloud9 is a forward thinking organisation, operating to the ITIL practice. The team takes ownership, responsibility and genuinely care about the ongoing enhancement of its services.

The Cloud9 story so far: Company ethos; Tier one providers. Cloud9’s strategic relationships are of upmost importance. It offers back to back carrier service level agreements with providers such as; Virgin Media Wholesale and BT Wholesale. The team has spent the last few months making sure everything is present and correct for its stakeholders.

When and why Cloud9 moved to Innovation Birmingham Campus: Cloud9 moved in to Faraday Wharf on 1st July 2013. The centralised location is perfectly positioned to support the stakeholders’ requirements in every which way. It was a key intention to be part of one of the most innovative tech communities in the UK.

Best business tip to offer: The best tip has to be from lessons learnt in the past. Quite simple really; Be transparent, open and honest, with both your customers and suppliers.

How to see more of Cloud9: Visit the site:

An interesting fact about your business or a member of your team: Cloud9 loves networking (especially Rob Davies) and partnering with any businesses. If you are looking for another revenue stream, Cloud9’s door is always open, come and have a cup of tea and a chat.


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