Business Name: Econocom
Businesses Est: 1973
Business Stage:
Located: 2nd Floor, 1 Priestley Wharf, Birmingham Science Park Aston

The Product or service: Econocom provides Technology Finance to B2B clients across Europe and has done for over 40 years.

What makes Econocom unique:
At Econocom we have the experience that enables us to provide our clients with technological innovation and bespoke financial solutions.
Econocom understands that technology evolves every day and is therefore leading the market towards financing tomorrow’s digital solutions.

The Econocom story so far:
Econocom was created 40 years ago to help businesses in the financing and remarketing of their IT equipment.
The business has grown significantly over the years to become the preferred partner to big firms across Europe.

In order to grow even bigger, Econocom acquired more and more companies to fine tune its expertise over the years.
Today, Econocom is Europe’s leader in Technology Finance and provides comprehensive support and services.
Econocom is operating in 18 countries, employs 3,700 people and posted revenue of €1,538 million and recurring operating profit of €74.1 million in 2012.

In the UK, Econocom works closely with Capita, the BBC and financed the entire ACER ICT estate used at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

When and why Econocom moved to Birmingham Science Park Aston:
We have been on the Science Park for over 15 years. We have moved (without issue) three times in order to accommodate our growth.
(Just over the road)  The (Innovation Birmingham) Campus is full of innovative companies like ours and ideally located for our business in the Midlands!

Best business tip we have to offer:
Always listen to your client first in order to give them the solution they require, not the one you want to sell them!
Visit your clients and prospects personally, email should be the last resort.

How to see more of Econocom:
Visit the website:
Follow Econocom on Twitter: @Econocom_UK and LinkedIn group account: Econocom

An interesting fact about your business or a member of your team:
Econocom has been managed by the same person for over 40 years!
Jean-Louis Bouchard believes in technology and is leading his business toward innovation and change at all times!

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