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Kalexiko Ltd; is a web design agency that pioneers in innovative and inspiring web design. Kalexiko was established in 2006 and since then has developed into a recognised web design agency, renowned for flawless design, intuitive consideration for usability and most prominently, innovative creativity.

Our Service:
Kalexiko offers bespoke and innovative web/digital marketing services for clients, suited entirely to their context.  Our services are always to premium standards and we boast a clientele that ascertains this, for example we have completed contracts for clients in the public sector and multinationals; such as National Grid, West Midlands Police, CEWE Colour, Prophet PLC, Sales-i and Martin & Co. The services we offer to our clients span all regions of web/digital marketing services. Our expertise covers all of our clients needs in web design, digital marketing, consultancy, mobile marketing, branding and print.

What makes Kalexiko Unique:
Innovation and creativity are the forces that lie at the foundation of the company. We understand that web design is an area consisting transitory elements; an area that constantly evolves into something new. Rather than try to catch the evolving elements and stop them, we harness them and evolve with them. We strive to keep evolving, being at the vanguard of innovative design and never remaining still. This being at the foundation of our company, it means that our foundations are constantly evolving; therefore we have vast experience and wisdom in our field. From this we have learnt how to secure business and maintain excellent client bonds. Due to the fact that we believe in forging relationships with our clients (rather than merely business deals) we always ensure that we offer an unsurpassable service to our clients and will not stop until they are completely satisfied with the service they have been provided.

When and why Kalexiko moved to Birmingham Science Park:
Kalexiko moved to Birmingham Science Park in April 2010 from Baskerville House. This was due to a desire to build a bespoke studio that flourished and harnessed original concepts and would allow a comfortable work space. The layout of the studio is spacious and boasts a brilliant view of the city centre, and a table tennis table for when some downtime is needed. The Science Park also has a wonderful atmosphere. It is brilliant to mix with other passionate businesses and people on a daily basis.

How to see more of Kalexiko:
Through our regularly updated blog; http://www.kalexiko.com/blog/ 
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Interesting Fact About Kalexiko:
Despite having a client base that spreads over four continents and over nine countries, Kalexiko operates on a purely inbound basis. We have achieved our successful and long-term clientele based on word of mouth and through our established web presence.

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