Business: Majestic-12 Ltd
Established: October 2004
Business Stage: Growing
Pictured above: Dixon Jones and Alex Chudnovsky
Located: Faraday Wharf

Majestic 12 the business:
Trading as Majestic SEO, we operate the worlds largest commercially available map of the internet. Our Map shows how websites link together to form the web. Linking is a key factor in Search Engine Ranking and Natural Traffic – so having the tools to perform competitive analysis is very useful.

What makes Majestic 12 unique:
We were an early innovator in commercial link intelligence, and now focus on providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive data possible.

The Majestic 12 story so far: 
Majestic-12 Ltd began as a distributed project to build a web scale search index. Today, via its website, Majestic SEO has become a global market leader in link intelligence and continues to unravel the secrets of web scale full text search.

Majestic-12 has taken an innovative step in its use of crowd sourcing, and has created an investment vehicle Distributed Computing partners, rewarding those project members who facilitated the growth of Majestic-12 Ltd.

Majestic 12 and Birmingham:
Birmingham’s central location and excellent communications make it a natural base for technology startups. The availability of skilled technology savvy graduates from Aston, Birmingham and many of the other Universities in the West Midlands, coupled with a good quality of life create an enviable platform for success.

When and why Majestic 12 moved to Birmingham Science Park Aston: 
Majestic-12 Ltd began as a distributed project with members worldwide. After years of research and data acquisition, BSPA was chosen due to its location and natural fit with the companies profile, so in 2009 we made the move.

Best business lesson learned:
Importance of delegation – letting go can be hard but it is essential for growth.

Best business tip we have to offer:
Unless you make your business your life you will be beaten by someone who does.

How to see more of Majestic 12: 
We offer a number of services for free via our website, to encourage people to sample the information on offer.

An interesting fact about your business:
“The company was founded as a distributed computing project involving thousands of volunteer participants from nearly 100 countries.”

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