Petalite Limited

When was the business established: April 2014

Business stage: In Development

Located: Innovation Birmingham Campus, Faraday Wharf

The product or service: The World’s fastest Charging external battery for your smartphone

What makes Petalite  unique: Our external battery differs from others in the market as it recharges itself to 100% in just 15 minutes, lasts 3 times as long and is durable.

The Petalite story so far: The Petalite flux battery has been developed over the last 12 months and the team is about to launch its product through crowdfunding websiteIndiegogo, Petalite has had a very rapid timeframe which means things have been changing fast. Petelite is very excited about the crowdfunding launch of the Flux battery. We believe that it is the fastest charger in the world and that it has real potential to make peoples’ lives that bit easier, whether commuting to and from work, on a family day out or enjoying an evening catching up with friends.

When and why Petalite moved to Innovation Birmingham Campus: I created a lot of connections when I studied in Birmingham at Aston University and knew that this would be the best place to launch my business, Innovation Birmingham Campus provided me with a great starting block for meeting people in similar circumstances and getting the best start that I think my business needs and deserves.
Best business tip Petalite has to offer: Speak to people and network, this is vital and it enables you to take shortcuts when starting out a business, there is no point in reinventing the wheel if people have already done it for you…

Visit the Petalite website here>

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