Business Name: SocialSignIn
When did you Establish your business: 2011
Business Stage: Trading
Located: (Ground Floor, Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus)

The Product or service:
SocialSignIn brings social media activities together on a local level with a simple dashboard of tools that enables an individual, team or outsourced agency to engage, monitor and report in one or hundreds of geographical areas.

What makes SocialSignIn unique:
Simplicity is at the heart of SocialSignIn.  Its publishing tools are the simplest around, whether you have 1 or 100 social accounts. With a unified inbox you can manage every interaction from your social audience. The monitoring tools enable you to track what people think of you or your competitors in your target areas.

Most importantly you can see your social return on investment with easy to understand reports, which demonstrate how to make your local social efforts better and better.

SocialSignIn’s  aims is to take the fluff out of social management, so that companies can spend less time training employees on how to use the software but more time generating excellent engaging content through it.

The SocialSignIn story so far:
In 2011, SocialSignIn was founded by Ben Nimmo and Nick Wood.

Ben has the technical background and founded the company with the sole purpose of  ‘doing social better’. His vision is to create a social media tool that meets more of the needs of enterprise in an easier to use package.

Co-founder, Nick Wood is the business mind behind the team. Besides building and creating businesses he is a keen supporter of Young Enterprise and acts as a regional advisor.

In 2013, Ben and Nick brought onboard Darren Fiander as Director of Sales and Marketing. Darren has been given the challenge of growing the business and developing a long-term marketing strategy from the ground up.

Clients include the NHS, Boehringer Ingelheim, a major international hotel chain and numerous large and medium sized digital agencies, all using the simple innovative dashboard to manage their targeted local social media activity.

When and why SocialSignIn moved to Innovation Birmingham Campus:
The team required office and meeting space and also wanted to be in a start-up environment, with other like-minded individuals, The Innovation Birmingham Campus’ Entrepreneurs for the Future centre offered all this and more,  the mentoring and expert sessions have also been exceptional.

Best business lesson SocialSignIn has learned so far:
Don’t concern yourself with pushing a particular product. Instead, make the best offer to customers based on their segment and stage. Then you’ll be customer-driven, not product-driven, like many of your competitors.

How to see more of SocialSignIn:
You can find out more about SocialSignIn here: where there is also a brochure that can be downloaded which contains a case study about one of our customers, the NHS.

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