/ trading under WaqarTech Limited

When was the business established: December 2013

Business stage: Live with around 50 takeaways/restaurants signed up in Birmingham

Located: Innovation Birmingham Campus, Faraday Wharf

The product or service: Supermeal is an online meal ordering service, which is a direct competitor of and

What makes Supermeal  unique: The service has two types of users:

The service is free for restaurants. They do not have to spend £800 unlike Just-Eat on hardware or set-up fees etc. The Supermeal service starts from a basic package, where our system will send the order link by SMS to the restaurant. Using a smartphone and internet connection, they can receive order details from the mobile facility. Restaurants can also install our proprietary Android app from the Google Play store and manage their business, for instance change menu prices, upload/attach photos to their menu, change delivery/working hours, save orders on a mobile device, print orders through Bluetooth using an Epson printer (our thermal printer partner), send branded masked SMS, receive order notifications etc.

The customers can earn eCash/cashback against every order. Every restaurant and takeaway offers a different cashback percentage. The consumer can spend their eCash to pay for future order(s).
Consumers can also invite friends to register using a unique link, and earn up to 50p from their orders every time.

The Supermeal story so far: The service commenced operation in Birmingham in August 2014. We have contracted with around 50 restaurants and takeaways. Currently, there are 18 restaurants registered with Supermeal that will deliver to the Innovation Birmingham Campus – B7 4BB postcode.

When and why Supermeal moved to the Innovation Birmingham Campus: The CEO and Founder, Waqar Shah, of Supermeal has studied BEng and MSc at The University of Birmingham (BEng Computer Science/Software Engineer and MSc in Internet Software Service with Distinction). He has lived in Birmingham since 1999 and is passionate about growing his business here.

Best business tip Supermeal has to offer: With an internet business, the entry point is very easy i.e. make a small website, register the domain/hosting, then your business is live. However, real challenges are faced when it comes to branding, scaling (growth) and sustenance.

It gets even worse when you have competitors who have a poor product but more money; and they start copying you. Always allocate money for advertising and branding. Spend 75% of your revenue for three years on marketing (you are lucky to break even in this period).

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