TL Multimedia

Business Name: TL Multimedia
When did you Establish your business: Launched at the 2012 LAUNCH Future Gaming & Digital Conference. Incorporated a Limited Co. in Dec 2012
Business Stage: Trading.
Located: e4f Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus.
TL Multimedia Service: Digital 2D/3D art, graphics for games and animation production: Work for hire.

What makes TL Multimedia unique:

The ultimate idea behind TL Multimedia is to bring together a creative cooperative. That is, TL Multimedia offers mutual support and opportunities between digital creative professionals. There is a paradoxical situation in the creative media sector of both convergence of output and a rapid increase in the types of specialism. The result of this is that an artist, freelance or whoever, may find themselves offered opportunities which demand a skill-set beyond their scope or reach. One solution to this is to band together with other creators and share skills. This may not seem new or particularly unique but at a time when much is mentioned about a “skills shortage” I see skills being under-utilised. Overcoming the barriers to this utilisation is key.

The TL Multimedia story so far:

Since its launch, TL Multimedia has been involved in a broad range of exciting projects involving animation and graphics. TL Multimedia has worked on a few music videos and has just finished a great music video for an up and coming band (see below). One of the larger projects of the year was a really exciting STEM education project. This was a Wolfson Open Science Laboratory project contracted from the Open University to Daden (also based at Faraday Wharf). The outcome is a 3D virtual geology field trip app.  We built (using Maya and Unity as well as a large amount of real world data) an accurate reproduction of a section of the lake district for simulation in a serious game environment.

When and why TL Multimedia moved to Innovation Birmingham Campus:

There were other options around Birmingham and the West Midlands but after coming to several LAUNCH Future Gaming & Digital events over the previous two years there really wasn’t anywhere else so well placed to support. I really like the flexibility of being an e4f tenant. It’s definitely the ideal place to base TL Multimedia.

Best business lesson learned so far:

Definitely to keep your web site up-to-date. This is something being worked on hard right now. The TL Multimedia site was made in a relative hurry and on a system which doesn’t make content updates easy. It’s quite bad that it hasn’t changed since the company launch. So the tip really is also: when you build your web site make sure it has a really simple and painless content manager. Soon the very plain TL Multimedia web site will have a proper showcase of the work so far.
How to see more of TL Multimedia: 

The web site (soon to be updated!):

Virtual Skiddaw:

Red Fox music video:

An interesting fact about TL Multimedia:

The current regular TL Multimedia team is me (Tim Lozinski) and Chloe Rodham. We went to the same university (University for the Creative Arts, miles away down south) but not at the same time and that’s not how we met. We come from the same town (Whitley Bay, miles away up north) but that’s not how we met. Chloe went to high school with my cousins, but that’s not how we met. We met because Twitter suggested it down that left hand panel of suggestions.

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