Ventive Ltd

Business Name: Ventive Ltd

When did you Establish your business: August 2011
Business Stage: Early stage growth (post investment)

Located: Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus

The Product: Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery

What makes Ventive unique:

The fact that Ventive originates from an award winning design team as opposed to an existing manufacturer, this has allowed the team to shape product development around the challenge of integration, end use and performance. In order to overcome  production weakness, Ventive has engaged with a number of manufacturers, researched various production methods and techniques, as well as tooling/product cost combinations. The ‘product design’ knowledge gained by such activities led to the production of the Passive Ventilation product and with the correct manufacturing set up, production in the UK would be very cost effective.

The technology behind Ventive is innovative. The product won Best Retrofit Innovation Award (2010) and Best Architectural Innovation Award (CIOB 2011), Best Building Services Product at Retro-Expo 2012 and The 8th Plinth (voted) product at Ecobuild 2013. The team behind Ventive was named Autodesk’s CleanTech Partner, Inventor of the Year 2011 (by Autodesk), came second in 2012 RBS EnterprisingU competition, first in 2013 Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards (London & South East), and joint first in the 2013 Shell Springboard Awards for the most innovative start up.

The Ventive story so far:

The development of Ventive PVHR (Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery) has been a journey which started with a challenge to address a serious lack of retrofit-specific products. In pursuit for answers, we researched a number of different approaches to ventilation and ended up designing a completely new product to satisfy built environment derived objectives (low and omni-directional wind, high levels of turbulence, simplicity, ease of installation, cost effectiveness, good efficiency of heat recovery, low maintenance, no operational cost, etc). The team wanted to design a system that could become one with the building fabric and demonstrate seamless integration and house-like life expectancy.

Over the past two years Ventive PVHR has been extensively engineered, simulated and tested. This journey took us from simple paper models, through handmade fibreglass prototypes to numerous mini construction projects (such as mock-up rooms and mini-homes) aimed at exploring and validating assumptions regarding air movement, convection flows and buoyancy within buildings. By the end of the journey Ventive was utilising supercomputers with digital prototyping and simulation software to construct and place whole houses in digital wind tunnels in order to simulate various weather and wind conditions. Becoming Autodesk’s chosen CleanTech partner (and winning Autodesk Inventor of the Year) helped the company greatly with not just cutting edge software, but also training and education in simulation environment and manufacturing development, all the way down to tooling and production.

When and why Ventive moved to Innovation Birmingham Campus:

Ventive moved to Innovation Birmingham Campus in January 2013.

The team is very excited by the events taking place in the area, such as, the Birmingham Energy Savers programme and general city-wide retrofit ambitions. Ventive plans to fully participate in these developments and to use its base in Birmingham as a springboard into the Midlands region and beyond.

Best business tip the Ventive team  have to offer:

“It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done” Rocky Balboa

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An interesting fact about your a member of your team:

In his spare time Tom Lipinski designs and builds horn speakers (including 6m tractrix horn system he fitted in his living room in January 2013). He also teaches robots how to retrofit old homes.

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