The WMAHSN programme invites you to either respond to one of three specific challenges, set-out in alignment with trends from the healthcare sector, or develop your own niche area of healthcare innovation. The structured challenges explore the development of solutions around self care and prevention, transforming models of care and optimising health and care resources. But don’t be put off if none of these areas resonate with the goals of your start-up, we want to hear from all individuals and businesses with great ideas that we can help grow and develop. 

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How can the NHS make better use of data to improve mental well-being, drive improvement in delivering supporting services and optimise user experience and outcomes? Questions that are not currently well answered include:

- How do these things vary? (i.e. time of the day, year or geographically)

- What will things be like next year given all the other dependent, linked or independent changes that we know will happen?

- How do differences affect outcomes? (i.e. activity, demographics)

- How can we adapt to improve the care system?

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How can digital tools and better use of data disrupt traditional models of care into more patient-centred approaches, by:

 Using smart and wearable technologies to share information between patients and care professionals

Developing virtual alternatives to physical appointments, avoiding unnecessary journeys and freeing up capacity in health and care services

 Safely, securely and appropriately sharing data and information between organisations to integrate services around the patient

Adapting solutions from other industries (such as retail, banking, leisure and transport) into health and care environments

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