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Robots and Drones

January 13, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Robots and drones are a big part of our lives, whether we see them or not.

Businesses attending the event will:

  • Have face-to-face time with experienced innovators
  • Learn about emerging uses for robots and drones
  • Get to see and touch some of the new technologies


08:30  Registration & networking: Opportunities to see some of the emerging aerial and submersible vehicles, associated applications, creators.

09:30  Introduction and opportunity overview, by Hugo Russell

09:40  Commercial Off-the-Shelf Unmanned Vehicle Systems: Applications, Opportunities and Human Factors Challenges, by Professor Bob Stone

By virtue of their ‘hobbyist’ status, should the new breed of commercially available remotely controlled ground, sea/subsea and (in particular) air vehicles – generally referred to as UxVs – be exempt from the same strict attention being paid by human factors and safety specialists?  Based on experiences from recent UxV trials and experiments exploiting novel onboard sensors and human interfaces (including Virtual and Augmented Reality), this talk will illustrate the potential uses for COTS unmanned systems products and will outline early operating procedures supporting the safe and responsible deployment of these increasingly sophisticated platforms.

10:30  Break

10:50  Investigating changes: Ways a ‘pattern of life’ can direct drones, by David Burden

As the numbers of UAVs/UGVs/UMVs increases, there is a growing interest in how such devices can be tasked automonously, with human intervention only occurring when significant events take place. As part of the GAMMA programme run by the North West Aerospace Alliance, Daden is investigating ways in which a ‘pattern of life’ can be developed for an area (eg by an analysis of social media posts or CCTV coverage), and then real-time variances from this being used to task a UAV. The presentation will summarise Daden’s work to date on the project, as well as looking at some of the broader overlaps between autonomous vehicles, virtual worlds and data visua.

11:20  Aerial Data Acquisition: Using drones to monitor changes in the ecosystem, by Manuel Sanabria

In recent years several applications for UAS have emerged in many and diverse sectors. There rest no doubt that one of which and yet most interesting is rooted deeply in the environmental sector.
The presentation will cover the implementation process of UAS and satellite imagery over a severely degraded region of southern Brazil, subsequently allowing post-analysis of territorial dynamics between humans and the environment taking part in the Atlantic forest.
Logistical limitations, accessibility issues due to terrain at project sites, and the digitisation of raw data are a sample of the many obstacles encountered throughout the project.


11:50  Q&A session

12:00  Expo Opens 

13:30  Expo Closes


January 13, 2015
8:00 am - 12:30 pm