Green Corridor

HS2 is committed to generating positive benefits on the nature along the route, by enhancing habitats and biodiversity whilst minimising our carbon footprint. HS2 will plant at least 7 million trees alongside its route to deliver on that commitment.

Challenge Topics

1. How can we monitor and improve the health of the trees we plant, minimising loss and increasing 

    success of planting?


2. How can we predict, measure and positively manage the health and sustainability of landscapes and 

    habitats within the trace of HS2’s route?


3. How can we leverage landscape changes to maximise benefits, including carbon sequestration and 

    enhance economic and social impacts? 



We’re creating a green corridor alongside HS2, which will be home to wildlife and integrate HS2 into the landscape. 


Alongside improving connectivity and boosting the economy, it’s crucial that HS2 manages its impact on the existing, natural environment. 


We will plant 7 million trees on Phase One alone, covering an area of 33 square kilometres, with more than 40 species of tree, including those native to each area the railway passes through. 


HS2 are committed to maintaining and monitoring created habitats and we are responsible for all protection, monitoring and aftercare of reinstated areas and created habitats. 


We are more than doubling the amount of woodland and providing over 30% more habitat for wildlife than will be affected by the scheme. 


We’re therefore taking the opportunity to create a network of new wildlife habitats, woodlands and community spaces, helping to leave a lasting legacy along the route. 


Every location is unique. As we work towards this vision for the natural environment, we will go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Through tailored landscape design, we think the appearance of the corridor can reflect its surroundings and match the character of each unique location it touches. Involving local people can help us to get that right. Importantly, although we’re planting around 7 million new trees and shrubs on Phase One of the railway, we’re prioritising quality over quantity. Over 40 different species of tree are being grown in our nursery, including species that are native to each area. 


What is a Green Corridor?

The green corridor will help to integrate HS2 into the landscape, with the design of the railway respecting its
surroundings. It will include a network of habitats ranging from woodlands and meadows to wetlands and
ponds. They will replace any habitats affected by the construction of HS2, while conserving and enhancing
some too.

Your application should; 

• Deliver an Economic benefit to the Build Baseline of the programme. 

• Build a legacy of knowledge, expertise and new commercial opportunities for the UK as we develop HS2.

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