After the Outreach: reports from the Irish cleantech exchange trips

During September and October, two three day study visits – themed on ‘transport and mobility in the low carbon sector’ – took place in Ireland and the UK respectively. Funded by Innovation Birmingham’s Climate-KIC project, they enabled cleantech and low carbon transport experts from both regions to explore what each had to offer.

As you can see from the two reports, the visits delivered a significant amount of knowledge transfer between partners in the two regions, and helped to build productive relationships between the West Midlands and The Republic of Ireland. This is great news for entrepreneurs, businesses and academics in the region, who will be supported to continue these relationships in years to come.

Report from the Ireland study visit:

Download here.

Report from the West Midlands study visit:

Download here.

If you work in cleantech or in sustainability more widely, and would like to discuss how you can be involved in strengthening the relationship between the West Midlands and the Republic of Ireland, please get in touch with Ian Willetts –

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