Anglo-Italian Deal Aims to Disrupt UK eLearning Market

After weeks of rumour it can be confirmed: Innovation Birmingham Campus based GuyKat Solutions Ltd. has signed an exclusive UK & Ireland partnership agreement with Naples-based Docebo SPA, the global eLearning SaaS solutions provider.

GuyKat MD, Guy McEvoy said; “We’re on the cusp of an explosion of eLearning in the workplace. Classroom-based training is often expensive and inefficient but people have historically been put-off eLearning by poor content and cost. We’re ripping up those barriers. Docebo is the right product at the right time. It’s a cloud-based ‘Software-as-a-Service’ solution. It combines ease-of-use with enterprise grade features at a fraction of the traditional cost. The pricing model is already a ‘no-brainer’ for large organisations and we’re now making this type of enterprise-grade capability affordable to the SME market. We’re privileged to bring this game changer to the UK and Ireland.”

The deal is a key milestone in the growth plans of both businesses, with Docebo further establishing its presence in the UK market, and GuyKat deepening its solution offering.

Claudio Erba, CEO & Founder of Docebo, states:“Docebo is globally disrupting the eLearning market, by replacing the old “eLearning project” legacy with a new, agile and affordable “eLearning service”, accessible and tailored for both Mid-sized and Large Enterprises, literally within minutes. The partnership with GuyKat Solutions Ltd. is an unprecedented opportunity for UK based companies to access a comprehensive solution that offers a fully featured eLearning Ecosystem.”

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