Enterprise Nation takes West Midlands entrepreneurs to Downing Street

This month four of our top techies took a trip down to No.10 with Enterprise Nation to meet none other than Daniel Korski; Deputy Head of Policy to Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The meeting, which was led by Founder of Rodborough Consultancy, Debbie Assinder, saw 20 Midland entrepreneurs descend on the nation’s capital to meet with Mr Korski, to discuss policy and regulations which are affecting small business owners in the region.

The visit provided a great opportunity for Brian Donnelly, CEO and Founder of Synapse Information Ltd; Matt Dredger, Founder of Borroclub; Mike Bandar, Co-Founder at Turn Partners and Oojal Singh Jhutti, Founder of iWazat to suggest constructive ideas that could help the burgeoning small business sector. These included:

  • Providing greater support for sharing economy businesses based outside London
  • Lifting restrictions that prevent small companies from talking about big clients, which could be beneficial for PR and marketing
  • Providing greater support for small companies looking to recruit skilled technology staff
  • Discounting the cost of train travel for small business owners
  • Providing greater support towards improving the public brand of the West Midlands

Debbie Assinder said: “I was proud to lead the recent delegation of small business owners from the West Midlands to Downing Street. Daniel Korski was most receptive to all of the views expressed. The visit provided a great opportunity for the businesses to share with Daniel the opportunities they saw for their businesses and to suggest constructive ideas that would help the small business sector.

“The delegation represented a broad range of dynamic high growth enterprises from the West Midlands. Particular emphasis was on digital, creative, food and drink and social enterprise. Government can now be in no doubt that the West Midlands Engine is revving and raring to go!”

For more information visit: https://www.enterprisenation.com/blog/posts/enterprise-nation-takes-west-midlands-entrepreneurs-to-downing-street

Mike Bandar No. 10Oojal No. 10

Matt Dredger No.10

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