Hey presto! Owned it plug-in works magic for tricks retailer

EUROPE’S largest producer of magic tricks and online retailer, Magic Tao, has seen a marked increase in business after tapping into social networks utilising a tool developed by a Birmingham Science Park Aston-based company.

Magic Tao is operating a special plug-in developed by social referral platform Owned it.

Without a strong fan base, the retailer had been unable to use social media campaigns to increase sales. However, its business – and fan-base – has grown since adopting the tool, enabling the firm to enhance its presence on sites such as Facebook.

The plug-in is designed to help retailers increase referrals, revenue and conversions by turning its order confirmation page into a springboard for social sharing of tailored offers and incentives.

Costas Damianou, founder and owner of Magic Tao, said: “It only took a few minutes to set up our first Facebook campaign using Owned it. Our targets were modest: a social media campaign should deliver one additional relevant and engaged fan per day, so we were delighted that the campaign exceeded our expectations with over 2,000% more fans than our target.”

The campaign saw almost a quarter of customers became fans of Magic Tao’s Facebook page in less than a month.

“Through our new followers, we are engaging and communicating with a wider social circle.  Comparing performance against our email marketing efforts, we generated substantially more sales from Facebook marketing, targeting the new fans gained via our Owned it campaigns,” added Damianou.

Manoj Krishnapillai, co-founder and managing director of Owned it, said the tool allowed retailers to see precisely which customers were sharing their offers incentives.

“With this fine-grained data, retailers can segment their customers and create tailored campaigns to offer relevant incentives to share details with their friends and family,” he said.

Owned it has designed a suite of customer engagement apps. These are designed to help retailers create and customise a wide range of social and referral campaigns. The built-in campaign optimisation module allows shoppers to be segmented according to a multiple criteria including the products they buy and customer demographics. This helps identify campaigns that will deliver the best results and optimise offers accordingly.

Owned it also incorporates social listening features. When offers are shared on social media channels such as Facebook, Owned it allows retailers to see what shoppers are saying about their brand when offers are shared – this information can be used to revise future campaign offers.

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