January’s Tech Wednesday

Innovation Birmingham runs ‘Tech Wednesday’ once a month as a get-together for the Entrepreneurs for the Future (e4f) community to mingle with people looking to become a Member, or apply to be on the e4f Incubator.  The evening event starts with beers and networking, then an hour of ‘show and tell’ presentations in the state-of-the-art conference room, then more beer with complimentary pizza.
This month the Innovation Birmingham team challenged the local entrepreneurial community to get out and network more, as such the event had over 60 people attend, and as ever it was a great way for new people to interact with the Innovation Birmingham Campus’ tech entrepreneurs.

This month, presentations were delivered by Mary Matthews of Memrica, Jessica Rose of Majestic SEO and Alasdair Woodbridge of Heat Genius.

Mary Matthews has been working with image recognition software to develop her new company; Memrica. Inspired by three simple steps; Snap, Link and See the Memrica app is designed for Smart Phone and Tablet devices and allows users to collect, group and share digital content, known as ‘Collections’ between family and friends via scanning physical mementos such as jewellery pendants.

These physical mementos, when scanned with a smart phone or tablet device via the app automatically pulls up the Collection in question, in essence a pendant can act as a virtual short cut to the required sentimental content.

Memrica currently only stores images, but Mary is looking to work with developers to help her take Memrica’s technology further, with plans to store video, music and more.

Mary is on the lookout for a Programmer and Marketing Manager to join the Memrica team. For more information on this, please email Mary@memrica.com

Jessica Rose of Majestic SEO gave a fantastic overview into the value of increasing the number and measuring the value of back links to websites.

Key topics Jessica covered included; measuring link value, trust and citation link profiling, understanding and managing the balance between trust and citation flow, and competitive link analysis.

The presentation concluded with a ‘Q&A’ grilling from the SEO savvy audience! Majestic SEO went one step further and offered a free trial of the Majestic Silver service for all Tech Wednesday attendees.

Jessica wrapped up the presentation with three quick and easy steps any cash strapped entrepreneur can action;

Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam team has a range of ‘SEO top tip’ videos on You Tube and articles on his blog, secondly; ensure the titles of your web pages are clear and honestly reflect the information you are trying to share; finally don’t underestimate the importance of your URLs, the more linage they carry with the content on your relevant website page, the better.

For more information on Majestic SEO and the free trial offer, read the case study or get in touch with Jessica.

Alasdair Woodbridge, co-founder of Heat Genius comes from an energy assessing background. His existing knowledge base sparked the idea to create a suite of heating control products that aim to reduce energy bills.

Within the presentation, Alasdair explained that over two thirds of people’s energy bills is related to heating, with the average household spending £740 on heating alone.

He also pointed out that the majority of us still rely on the original 1980’s thermostat for heating management. With over two decades of heating innovation it is hard to believe that a more accurate cost effective solution hasn’t been introduced.

This is where Heat Genius comes in. In a nutshell Heat Genius allows you to reduce your household energy consumption by only heating rooms when you need them.

The Heat Genius suite of products offer an innovative control system that takes the place of a traditional boiler programmer and radiator valves. By fitting wireless occupancy sensors and combining these with wireless radiator valves, the system can learn which rooms are being used when, and automatically creates and can implement a heating programme that suits your lifestyle schedule.

For more information on Heat Genius read the press release

The next Tech Wednesday is at 5:30pm on Wednesday 19th February 2014. For more information on the agenda and to register, visit the Tech Wednesday page on meetup.com.

If you would like to present, contact Michelle Rayner, the Entrepreneurs for the Future Programme Manager: micheller@innovationbham.com

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