Launch of QueryTree app fuels appetite for Big Data

A cloud based application is being launched by Innovation Birmingham Campus-based D4 Software Ltd, which enables non-technical staff to analyse Big Data. Without the need to learn code, or write complicated formulas, the company’s visual ‘drag and drop’ QueryTree product enables managers and journalists to digest large sets of information, such as data released by public bodies.

250 people trialled QueryTree during the Beta test phase and £100,000 investment is now being sought to market it nationally and globally. The revenue generation model is based on an £80 per year, per user subscription.

Dan Thompson, founder of D4 Software Ltd said: “There are several high-end products on the market targeted at data science professionals, but nothing this powerful has ever been developed for a mass-market, non-technical audience.

“Before this decade is out, the amount of global data will increase 50-fold, but the number of IT professionals is only expected to increase 1.5-fold. There is a huge appetite for data analysis to inform business strategy and investigative journalism, however traditional tools such as Microsoft Excel are too complicated and difficult to use. Journalists and managers who want to use the findings of data analysis simply don’t have the time or the training to work with raw data, which is where QueryTree fills a need.  We are seeking £100,000 investment in order to attract the first 10,000 registrations in a swift timescale.”

QueryTree combines the most commonly used aspects of high-end data analysis software, with a simple, visual interface that’s designed to be used via a web browser on a touch-screen device, such as an iPad, or other tablets.  It enables non-technical staff to work with large data sets and take extracts, filter by relevance and calculate averages in the same way that complex spreadsheet based systems are designed to function, but without any of the front-end complexity.

D4 Software was founded in 2012 in the European-funded Entrepreneurs for the Future (e4f) centre, located within Innovation Birmingham Campus’ Faraday Wharf building. Benefits of being on the e4f programme include six months free office space, IT, telecoms, meeting rooms, a programme of networking events, drop-in sessions, structured personal mentoring and access to finance. E4f is unique to Birmingham and specifically designed to harness and support the city’s burgeoning tech community.

Dr David Hardman MBE, CEO of Innovation Birmingham said: “There have been a number of events, hackathons and other initiatives over the past 12 months designed to raise awareness of the level of data that public bodies are now making available. ‘Big Data’ is one of the most heavily used new phrases in tech circles and yet broadening out the awareness and usability of this data is what’s key.

“I am delighted that QueryTree has been developed by a tech start-up based at the Innovation Birmingham Campus. This is a product that should have a vast global market and we are working with D4 Software to investigate appropriate routes to finance.”

Since launching in November 2009, e4f has created 131 new employees and directors. A new rolling enrollment procedure has been adopted recently and applications are welcomed from tech start-ups operating in the digital media, ICT, med tech or clean tech and low carbon sectors.

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