LightwaveRF receives first order from Australia

Innovation Birmingham Campus-based home technology company LightwaveRF has made its first inroad into the Australian market.

The company, the creator of the LightwaveRF Smart Home Platform and products for the Internet of Things – enabling households and businesses to remotely operate and control lighting, power, heating and security using smartphones, tablets, PC and MAC applications – has signed a technology license agreement with Powerdiverter.

The Powerdiverter helps owners of renewable energy systems such as solar PV, divert spare energy to their water heater, optimising their usage of excess electricity. Powerdiverter will build LightwaveRF technology into its Powerdiverter controller unit to communicate directly with the LightwaveRF Link. Consumers will be able to use the LightwaveRF App to decide where to divert surplus generated electricity using connected sockets and switches for maximum payback and convenience. A licence fee will be payable for each Powerdiverter product that is LightwaveRF-enabled.

Powerdiverter Australian distributor, Apricus, will begin selling associated LightwaveRF products with the Powerdiverter unit. A first order for an initially limited range of LightwaveRF products of USD 250,000 (£175,000) has been placed which brings the company’s current order book to over $1.7m (£1.2m).

Mike Lord, CEO of LightwaveRF, said: “This is our first licence deal which gives added benefits to the growing LightwaveRF customer base.  It also adds Australia to the LightwaveRF map.”

Daniel Lawes, Power Diverter’s Managing Director, added: “We have been very impressed with the reliability and ease of use of LightwaveRF technology compared with other possible technology partners.  There are over 600,000 Solar PV installations in the UK and 1,000,000 in Australia for which the Powerdiverter/LightwaveRF product combination is very compelling.”

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