My Story – Charles Chance, Founder/MD, Sipcentric

Charles Chance, Founder/MD of Sipcentric (now Nimvelo) talks us through his entrepreneurial journey at the Innovation Birmingham Campus:

“…We’re into our 5th year now so we’re fairly established and we’re profitable and have been for a number of years. But any growth that we achieved in the early years was very much accidental. After moving into the building at Innovation Birmingham Campus and becoming actively involved in the e4f Inspire programme it really gave us a new lease of life. Almost over-night we were reinvigorated, staff were able to walk out the building and network and chat to like-minded people. Whether technical or business related, in the kitchen, in the corridors you really feel part of a community which just keeps you going, keeps you focused and gives you that drive and that direction moving forward.

e4f for me was a way to take a step back, look at the business as a company, look at the business strategy and how we could achieve the growth, and for me, to be able to take a step back and make the best use of my time in a much more focused and strategic manner rather than operationally.”

Nimvelo reinvent technology to make it easier for business teams and their customers to communicate. Businesses run on effective communication. Whether it’s saving time, money or effort, the Nimvelo team invent more effective ways for businesses to operate. For more information visit

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