My Story – Mary Matthews, CEO, Memrica

Mary Matthews, CEO of Memrica talks us through her app and entrepreneurial journey at the Innovation Birmingham Campus:

“Memrica creates software to help people live well with memory problems. The app is called ‘prompt’ it offers people a way of storing the things that are important to them and then collating them in a way that helps them, reminds them to do things, and to understand things when they need to.

It uses a combination of recognition technologies, machine learning, contextual computing and voice interaction to bring the information people need at the moment they need it, to help them live well day to day…

…coming to e4f was brilliant because here is a community of technically minded people who are facing the same kind of challenges that you could share, and really problem solve together with. And also you’ve got a fantastic level of support from a mentor and also from really great workshops.

And then moving on to the e4f inspire programme, which gives you access to some amazing inspirational speakers. People who have been there, done that, and actually have some really deep insights that you can just take and apply directly to your own business, which gives you that confidence to be able to move forward much more quickly than perhaps you would have done otherwise.

…The programme has the right title, Inspire because it really really does!”

For more information on Mary and Memrica visit the website:

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