My Story, Ooj Jhutti, CEO Founder

Ooj Jhutti, CEO, talks us through his entrepreneurial journey at the Innovation Birmingham Campus:

“We recognise that event apps are really only as good as people spend the time filling out their profiles….we’ve built some clever tech which says we will automatically pre populate every single attendee before they’ve even logged in…

The innovation centre puts on probably 100 events a year what was really useful for us in the early stages was for us to be able to test our platform across their audience base and they were so helpful in us doing so.

I think what’s really exciting for us now is that we’re starting to see some really fast growth in our business. Our team size is starting to grow, our market reach is starting to grow, and what’s a really key thing about a space like the Innovation Birmingham Campus is it grows with us effectively. As we need to grow into larger office space they have loads of offices for us to grow into, when it comes to commercial conversations they’ve got great partnershipsreally interesting people we can lean on to get great insights and help take our business forward.”

The technology automatically generates detail-rich profiles for each and every event attendee, highlight who they already know and allow them to start engaging & networking instantly and in complete confidence with secure messaging. For more information about visit:

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