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Brian Donnelly, CEO Synapse Information talks us through his entrepreneurial journey at the Innovation Birmingham Campus:

“…We started here three years ago, we were very lucky to get a large amount of interest and involvement with a leading UK bank who gave us a major project, we turned this into a product over the last three years we raised some funding, £1.4 million or so…

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life, this Campus is quite exceptional there’s a whole load of advantages for a start-up. Our major big customers who are risk adverse are very happy to see us in an environment that’s obviously designed for start-ups. There’s funding, there’s support available it helps overcome customer anxiety and then of course with 700 odd people within this organisation, and 70 odd start-ups there’s a great synergy between all of them and of  course e4f does all these great coursesI’ve got my team on a presentation course there’s a lot of good stuff happening here…”

Synapse – a business spreadsheet collaboration company – has recently been awarded an Innovate UK ‘ Smart Grant’ of close to £250,000 to diversify its business and grow to over 100 employees within the next five years.

Started in 2012 Synapse’s largest clients include a high street bank and leading Swedish furniture retailer. For more information visit

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