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Mike Bandar, Co-founder of Turn Partners talks us through his entrepreneurial journey with his latest Turn Partners venture: Hopper, at the Innovation Birmingham Campus:

“…I’ve always been fascinated by business, enterprise and start-up for as long as I can remember… I would love to build some sort of product or service or something that can have a positive or any sort of impact on more people, more places that I would ever be able to meet within my life time, and that for me is hugely inspirational and massively motivating.

Being based at Innovation Birmingham Campus and part of the e4f Inspire programme really has been beneficial for both Turn Partners and for Hopper. We’ve actually ended up working with a lot of people we’ve met here, whether that’s through suppliers, or some consultancy work, or whatever that may be. But actually building the friendships through the community first, and then building working relationships on top of them has been a fantastic way to build up the ecosystem of our business.”

Turn partners is focussed on the acquisition and turnaround of broken businesses. Turn Partners then use the profits made from those businesses to invest in their own new start-up ideas. For more information on Turn Partners visit the website:

To see more videos from the Innovation Birmingham Campus, visit the You Tube channel here!

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