Rebuilding the QueryTree Website

The following blog post is written by Dan Thompson, founder of D4 Software.

As the sole founder of D4 Software, I split my time between developing QueryTree, consulting, building bespoke software for clients, and sales/marketing. It can get a bit hectic, and the only way to keep my head above water is by delegating things whenever I can. So I when I meet great freelancers, I hold onto their contact details.

Fortunately, my company lives at entrepreneurs4f in the Innovation Birmingham Campus Faraday Wharf.  e4f is a great environment for meeting other freelancers. It’s also a great environment for bouncing ideas off each other, provided you avoid the temptation to pivot your business plan 5 times before lunch. But anyway, I digress.

It was at e4f that I met Gareth. Gareth is a freelance writer, content marketer and Gary Vayerchuck fan. He’s really passionate about communicating with customers and building brands that people can relate to.

Gareth and I ended up sitting next to each other at e4f back in January 2014 and I got a chance to see how he worked. I immediately started to think about how great it would be to get him involved in with QueryTree but it would be several months before that happened.

Fast forward to May this year (2014). The existing QueryTree website had been a bit thrown together following the re-launch of QueryTree as a desktop app a few months earlier. I’d tweaked the copy a few times but it was still too wordy, too boring and hadn’t really kept up with my latest thinking regarding the types of person that would benefit from using QueryTree. I knew I needed to spend a few days updating the site, but I just couldn’t find the time.

I asked Gareth if he could help, and we met to go over my latest thinking on target customers and my marketing plan.

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