Social management dashboard is launched as UK rival to HootSuite

Innovation Birmingham Campus-based SocialSignInTM has created an advanced social management dashboard to directly compete with HootSuite, which boasts six million users worldwide. By majoring on brand protection features, geographical targeting and high levels of customer service, the tech start-up has attracted the NHS as its first client.

The cloud-based software product, which enables users to monitor and manage all social media channels from one dashboard, has a built-in – or customised – corporate social policy, in order to protect brands online. Advanced return on investment features track tweets and ‘likes’, determining sales conversion rates and new sign-ups. The software also tracks users in their lifecycle, from the moment they click onto a post or tweet generated via the SocialSignInTM dashboard.

Ben Nimmo, founder of SocialSignInTM said: “So much business is now generated via social media channels, whether it’s making sales, generating new followers, or engaging with target audiences and key influencers. Many organisations are committing far more human resource to manage their online presence, but in turn, they demand professional, analytical evidence of their reach and return on investment.

“SocialSignInTM has launched in a competitive market as a dashboard product specifically designed for the UK market. For an affordable price, each user can manage a suite of social accounts and access the full range of time-saving, geographical and analytical return on investments tools. Initial feedback has placed considerable value on the customer service we deliver. It’s no longer just digital marketing professionals who need to access and utilise their corporate social media accounts, so assistance for new users is imperative to illustrating how our product offer differs from HootSuite.”

SocialSignInTM’s geographical tracking provides data on where followers are located, and can also monitor keywords within a defined area. Further analytical tools indicate when the best time to send out a post/tweet is for the target audience, which can then be automated via the dashboard. A unique content generator feature suggests sample tweets, relevant to the type of account and target audience, which the user can customise. Monthly subscription packages range from £9.99 – £49.99 per user.

SocialSignInTM was founded in 2012 in the European-funded Entrepreneurs for the Future (e4f) centre, located within Innovation Birmingham Campus’ Faraday Wharf building. Benefits of being on the e4f programme include six months free office space, IT, telecoms, meeting rooms, a programme of networking events, drop-in sessions, structured personal mentoring and access to finance. E4f is unique to Birmingham and specifically designed to harness and support the city’s burgeoning tech community.

Dr David Hardman MBE, CEO of Innovation Birmingham said: “Social management dashboards are increasingly important to corporates, as they look to exploit the ever expanding number of online platforms that are available to engage with their target audiences. SocialSignInTM has identified a gap in the market for a customer service-focused UK rival to the global market leader. Securing the NHS as its first client is an impressive indication of the potential this newly launched product could have amongst UK-based organisations.”

Since launching in November 2009, e4f has created 131 new employees and directors. A new rolling enrollment procedure has been adopted recently and applications are welcomed from tech start-ups operating in the digital media, ICT, med tech or clean tech and low carbon sectors.

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