Tech developer delivers homes of the future

Innovation Birmingham Campus-based LightwaveRF has partnered with developer Lagan Homes to create the country’s first smart home development.

LightwaveRF develops products which enable households and businesses to remotely operate and control applications including lighting, power, heating and security using smartphones, tablets, PC and MAC applications. Now it has delivered the country’s first smart show home in a partnership with Banbury’s Lagan Homes.

It means homebuyers at The Paddocks in East Hanney, Oxfordshire, will have an opportunity to control all or part of their new property’s heating and electrical appliances using a smartphone app. Lagan is the UK’s first mainstream home builder to offer an integrated, single provider smart home package.

A show home at the 25-property development has been kitted out with a range of LightwaveRF products, available to buyers as an optional extra. The range features items including light switches that can be remotely controlled from within or outside the house, power sockets that can be remotely activated to turn off at source any electrical items plugged in – even if the socket is hidden by a sofa – and remotely controllable heating, allowing adjustment of the temperature of each radiator across the home. The technology also offers wireless movement sensors that can be set to automatically trigger lights, heating and power to enhance security, safety and convenience.

Smart home technologies are a key part of the internet of things, allowing appliances to connect to a WiFi signal and send data to and receive commands from mobile devices via the internet/cloud.

John Shermer, Founder of LightwaveRF, said: “We’ve worked very hard over the past six years to bring a futuristic but functional and reliable product to the mass market. What is on offer at East Hanney is set to become the standard in new properties, taking the technology from being the preserve of the super wealthy to something everyday consumers can own and enjoy. ”

John Lagan, Managing Director of Lagan Homes said “LightwaveRF is the only provider we have found who can supply the whole smart home technology package on a single platform. This has allowed us to offer the home buyer a number of packages to suit their home at cost-effective prices.”

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