The Serendip Programme provides an innovative, challenge-led approach to incubation, offering free space and advice to technology companies at various stages in their development. 


We pride ourselves on our collaborative and dynamic community of over 150 start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs. With over 140 events every year and with an abundance of opportunities to network with other techies based on-site, many of our existing customers have been known to join forces and create new businesses; sharing their connections and industry know-how to become Birmingham's next big digital business.


Discover which other likeminded techies are situated on-site and how you could become the next big digital business to be based at Innovation Birmingham Campus.

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Archon Combine Limited

Archon Combine is fitness testing software designed specifically for fitness professionals.  Our platform lets you discover a lot about yourself and your clients performance in just a few simple steps. By completing tests performed every day in the gym, out on the road or even at home, Archon can tell when a personal best has been achieved. It gives information on what you or your clients need to do to get better, and by how much. It has videos to make sure everything is done safely and allows comparison to other people, using height, weight, age, gender and even wingspan. Archon can help create friendly competition, selecting exercises or activities that suit your or your clients needs or preferences. It’s ideal for fitness professionals wanting to build great programs for their clients.

Bet Partners Limited

Buckt Ltd

Buckt is the UK’s only tickets and activities subscription box. Every month subscribers get 5 mystery tickets to some of the best attractions and activities in their region.


From axe throwing to alpaca walking, cinema tickets to sumo suit wrestling(!), each box contains a unique mix of the brilliant and bizarre as well as the tried and tested.


Tickets are worth an average of £50 per person but costs just £12.50 each, there are no extra costs (all the tickets are included in the subscription price) and you can cancel any time.


The business, which is inspired by the idea of a bucket list, aims to help subscribers tick something off their list, to go on an adventure and to fall in love with something new.


Step out of your comfort zone, explore your region like never before, and take on a selection of exciting activities with a Buckt Box.


Data-driven bus scheduling

For urban bus networks that want to improve service quality and reduce costs, CitySwifter is a data-driven scheduling technology that makes routes more efficient.

The CitySwifter platform uses AI and machine learning to accurately predict journey times and passenger demand, creating optimised timetables that take into account traffic, events and hundreds of other external factors, ensuring on-time performance and increased passenger satisfaction. Customisable management dashboards deliver business intelligence and enable tracking of KPIs.

Improve the efficiency of your network and ensure every bus is where your customers expect it to be, with data-driven bus scheduling by CitySwifter.

Dazzle Technology Limited

Driveway App Ltd (T/A Pwayz)

Pwayz is an app that connects people who need parking with available parking places in local driveways, opening up a new wealth of parking spaces in busy community areas with limited parking availability, where pavement parking is a constant problem, such as hospitals, stadiums, airports, local shopping areas etc.

Pwayz isn't just about capitalizing on market potential for space owners. Pwayz is about putting billions of Pounds back into millions of pockets across the UK - which can be used for more meaningful spending. Pwayz is more than a money-maker. It's an idea that drives an altruistic goal with every user.

Educe Trading Limited (T/A The PE Hub)

EnquiryLab Ltd

Everinspire Ltd

EverInspire Ltd is an online platform that facilitates interactions between wellbeing professionals and the public. It does this by:

1. offering a facility where the public can look at profiles of professionals and request one-to-one connections. The one-to-one area contains a booking system and facilities to have one-to-one sessions online.

2. offering a discussions area, where people can anonymously talk about their mental health and wellbeing.  Articles related to mental health and wellbeing are also published here.

3. providing a facility for professionals to design and publish evidence based online courses and programs designed to positively impact mental health and wellbeing.

One of our core principles is that we use evidence and a research base to help people to not only overcome distress, but also to discover more about who they are, their strengths and what their potential might be. EverInspire is a social enterprise and is free for everyone upon entry.  

Financialearn Ltd

Fittever Limited

Fittever allows gym studios to live-stream their fitness classes to customers homes We vision ourselves as being the Deliveroo for fitness classes - we deliver fitness. Whilst restaurants offer take-away food to allow themselves to reach a wider audience and establish a second / at home audience; we want to build this for gym studios. By live-streaming their fitness classes they can reach new audiences from all over the world, increase the capacity / profitability of their classes, and keep they members engaged all year round.

Gradienthaus Limited (T/A Hyve)

Innovating Minds CIC


King of Saffron

King of Saffron’s aim is to import Grade A certified organic quality Saffron from Afghanistan as the base ingredient for a unique vegan health fitness drink. A partnership with Aston Uni has been created to use the latest digital technology to carry out research and trials on the Saffron. These trials will validate the health benefits of the Spice and purity and create a fully digital passport of the product to guarantee the traceability. Using Saffron with its high concentration of nutrients as a base ingredient for the drink provides many health benefits in the first line of defence and stimulating the immune system. The saffron aids collagen production necessary for cellular production in the body. It contributes to muscle growth, wound healing, tissue production and blood cell repair. additionally, it has many natural benefits acting as antidepressant,helps insomnia, circulation issues and digestion. All of these proven medicinal benefits as well as providing a base colour and flavour for the drink.The long term strategy is to grow Saffron in the UK. Working with Aston Uni is to enable the grower to be at the cutting of Saffron production researching the best technologies.

Lawler Industries


Moneyshake have developed a ground breaking reverse auction technology platform which will enhance the current comparison journey. Our technology allows businesses to bid for our users custom in unlimited volume and in real time, meaning a reduction in prices for users.

Nazir Associates Ltd, T/A Nazir Consulting Group (NCG)

Nazir Associates Ltd, T/A Nazir Consulting Group (NCG), was established in 1992. NCG  delivers unique leading edge strategies and  innovative  
technology solutions to private, public and third sector organisations. 
NCG works to develop today's organisations by focusing on globalisation (markets are becoming easier to reach), transformation of industries, adoption of cutting edge digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and diversity of markets. NCG also has excellent mobile app technology solutions for health, telecom, lifestyle and global money transfers.

Today NCG is collaborating with several innovation companies developing strategies for product commercialisation, securing private and public sector partners, securing investments pre-revenue, MVP stage and delivering successful product launch. Innovations focus on early interventions to chronic health of children and people of all ages, low cost energy solutions for the poor and third world, improving safety of public and workers.


Orecor Limited

Orecor is an online platform that enables businesses to test finance professionals during the recruitment process.  
The test reduces the risk of poor appointments, which too often cause finance departments wasted time and money. Orecor provides finance leaders with tangible evidence to inform confident recruitment decisions.
In addition to its core recruitment use, it is an excellent tool for appraising existing staff and their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs.
Orecor focuses on practical accountancy skills and assesses them through dynamic simulations of real-world scenarios. The hiring organisation receives a clear and comprehensive results verdict (including suggested follow-up interview questions) immediately upon completion.
Performance benchmarks are tailored according to the candidate's qualification status and salary band, making Orecor a flexible and highly effective option for assessing candidates/employees.

Passenger Technology Group Ltd

Playermade Limited

Protective Sportwear Limited (T/A SafeJawz)

Sports mouthguards have always been a nuisance for contact sport athletes. Dull and Uninspired. SAFEJAWZ offer a range of sports mouthguard that offer a desirable and trendy angle to a previously stagnant product space.

Proxicon Limited

Proxicon is a high accuracy Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) provider. We provide comprehensive, innovative real time tracking hardware and software packages. Our solutions work with sub-meter accuracy in retail, healthcare, smart cities, sport and manufacturing spaces. Asset tracking, proximity marketing, indoor navigation and high-accuracy positioning is now within the reach of your hands.
Proxicon also provides bespoke software development services.

RA Technological Solutions Limited

In lower levels of grassroots football, referees have a very fragmented communication system. All of the information is presented via spreadsheets, emails, text messages, 3 different platforms; not-to-mention the number of independent websites that are also utilised. We are currently developing an app that collates all of this data. Simplicity for all stakeholders of grassroots football.

Ramsey Systems Limited

S-Tech Gyms – Be Strong Train Smart.

We are problem solvers, solution creators and innovators that think outside the box to create user focused products with impact.  It is our mission to enable, empower and enterprise within the health and fitness sector creating new innovative products and equipment to better serve the industry, it’s users and to always be ahead of the curve.

Exciting new products are underdevelopment with academic support from Aston Universities Engineering, Data and Computer Science departments to create the first ever fully interactive artificial intelligence personal trainer and health coach “Ali”.

As well as working to advance new AI technologies we are also developing creative and practical innovations in physical products to encompass new materials (including renewables), mechanical engineering and gamification.

Although S-Tech Gyms is an early stage start-up we have a product range underdevelopment that will WOW and shake up the health and fitness industry in ways yet to be seen.

For more information please contact:

Third Skin Limited

Touchbyte Limited

Unlimited You Ltd

Unlimited You is a fitness app for people with disabilities and long term health conditions. The aim is to help people with disabilities and long term health conditions improve their daily lives by providing accessible and inclusive exercise classes that they can do in the comfort of their own home.

Walk Run Cycle is a series of city based, free-to-download apps showing the best self-guided walking, running and cycling routes in major cities. Perfect for tourists looking to see all the best sights, or business visitors in need of a safe, night time 10k run, or locals looking for a quiet, green bike ride. All routes are curated and have beautiful photography to show the city at its best! Full mapping means you won't get lost either.

Warwick Analytics

Webmoco Limited


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