Barclays Eagle Lab

This organisation is keen to engage with local start-ups and SMEs on new technologies which have the potential to support their corporate clients and/or the bank.

Working with Barclays Eagle Lab will give you an amazing opportunity to work with large commercial partners and gain access to their wider network of potential clients, investors and established entrepreneurs.

Opportunities to work with Barclays Eagle Labs are represented in the following challenges. If none of the below relate to your start-up, please apply by selecting ‘Other Great Idea’ on the application form.

Challenge One: Utilisation of Big Data

As an organisation that captures significant information via customer transactions, how can Barclays intelligently utilise this data to benefit the local community and wider economy:

  • Taking into consideration data protection
  • Focusing on Barclays’ commitment to citizenship
  • Having regard to the ethics and integrity of the bank

Challenge Two: Uniformity of Training and Communication

When launching a new product/initiative, how best would a large organisation ensure all recipients receive and understand a consistent, coherent message by taking into account:

  • National geography
  • Different demographics
  • Multi-disciplinary teams with varied priorities

Challenge Three: Other Great Idea

If you have a start-up that you would like to pitch to Barclays Eagle Lab which does not relate to any of the above challenges, you still have an opportunity to apply by selecting ‘Other Great Idea’.